Escola Saint James’ International School
Diretora: Márcia Yumi Kobayashi

Professor coordenador dos trabalhos:
Juliana Mantovani

Beatriz Palhão Zemuner
Idade: 11 anos – Série: 6 ano
Professora Juliana Mantovani

Housing Ukrainians

Peace is a wonderful feeling that means “quiet, harmony”. Peace is always lost in times of war, but it can be restored.

Russia and Ukraine are at war now because Russia wants to dominate Ukraine. I know peace can be restored, but do so many people have to die before this war is over?

Some churches here in Londrina are hosting Ukrainians and my church is one of them. It’s great to be able to help people in need. My church is housing three families, and in two of them there are three babies, two adult women and the grandparents. Usually the men stay behind in Ukraine, but if it’s an old man who can’t do much or help much, he can leave.

My family is trying to help Ukrainians and as we don’t have so much money, we are collecting donations. My mother has already managed to gather several things for them.

I am sure they just want to be with their families again, but until this war is over they can’t go back home. I want the war to end soon so they could see their families and peace be restored.

Enzo Catafesta Girardello
Idade: 11 anos – Série: 6 ano
Professora Juliana Mantovani

The Best Way Out: Peace

Peace is an extremely importante thing for us and for our society. For example, if you are in a fight, having a calm conversation will always get you to a non-violent ending, making it much simpler. Now, if you fight back and keep fighting, it will result in a bad ending, with no benefits.

Right now, we are witnessing the war between Russia and Ukraine, which results in millions of refugees and dead people. In previous wars, many people died because of their religions, which is quite portrayed in Anne Frank’s diary.

The conclusion is that violence only attracts more violence, and peace leads us through good ways.

Gabriel Jordão Cunha
Idade: 11 anos – Série: 6 ano
Professora orientadora Juliana Mantovani

Peace is Important

Peace is one of the most important things in the world. Peace comes from understanding others’ feelings, having compassion for other human beings and respecting them.

Peace can be broken in many ways, but mainly by lack of understanding and dialogue. And alongside this, there is hate blinding you from the truth. That’s why we have to have perception to avoid bigger conflicts.

In a war two countries fight blinded by hate. Usually the leaders of a country in a war don’t care about injured or dead people. The saddest part is that they think they can win, but in war there are just losses.

That’s why peace is so importante to restore the world’s balance.

Alessandro Barón Delgado
Idade: 11 anos – Série: 6 ano
Professora orientadora Juliana Mantovani

Peace is Life

Peace is very important for life, and with this text you will know the reason why.

Peace puts an end to conflicts and wars which have happened many times in human history, especially when the First and Second Global Wars ended. After difficult times, peace brought love and compassion among nations. Also in history, we had many peacemakers like Mahatma Gandhi. He used peace as a weapon to solve conflicts. But without any doubt, the greatest peacemaker was Jesus Christ, who taught us how to love and make peace.

Peace is often blinded by power. Many people let power take over and cause damage like Adolf Hitler. He broke the peace in many ways and in everything, in nations, religions and beliefs. He killed millions of people. War leads to nothing, it only kills. Please stop the war!

Peace is more important as it unites people. With peace we can build, improve and develop. Seven billion people think better than one. With peace the whole world can live in harmony. Because peace is life!